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Investors are always looking for a way to maximize performance and minimize the risk of losing their fund. Investment counselors have presented methods for this and will have feasibility studies and initial reviews at the beginning of the project. Raymand Tech complex believes that investment consulting is a process that should be done during investment and the presence of experts’ team from the start to finish is required. Eventually, by complying with your plan, Raymand Tech complex has welcomed the possible risks and of course will have a share of its profit. Therefore, assessments accuracy would be more than just an investment advice.

Business owners

Owners of the business usually join the company to finance their projects. After processes of evaluating their plans, the company can finance their projects by making a partnership. By being a partner with Raymand Tech Company, the company can manage your project and not only finances it, but also gives services such as observing, consulting and manages your project using the experts mentioned in the previous section. All these actions can boost efficiency and enhance the success rate of your project.


Raymand Tech is a professional and science-oriented complex; for this reason, the complex has dedicated itself to actively recruit experts in different scientific and industrial fields due to the company working principles. Experts can get any desired projects according to their profession and interests by reaching to the company and gaining access to the projects resumes.

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Current problem !

Because of outdated technology and not being adapted with world marketing, so many ongoing industries in country are breaking down. On the other hand; as a result of non-innovative markets, the number of educated elite people is extensive. Yet, Information technology has not been used properly in industries.


Setting up a VC exclusively for industries (after evaluating the requirements, creating tech, transferring and reverse engineering) and also using IT in industry.

For this purpose Raymand Tech Company; Arman star, private equity (Raymand tech) with the credit of its co-founders’ experience, as self-made entrepreneurs, started its activity in 2014 and registered it in 2015.

Raymand Tech plays a role as industry management in a VC company: bridges these gaps and tuning todays’ traditional and passive investment to a modern and active investment. In an active investment, industry manager (GP) will reduce investor (LP) risk and increases the chances of succeeding in the project by giving services such as managing, consulting and observing.

In other words, industry managing has a mediation part; in addition to assessment, controlling and reducing investment risk, they will accompany the complex to reach the desired goal. The plan owner and investor are actually linked to this process.







Unique services

Comprehensive vision of the company's founders is the main strength of this suite, taking advantage of experience, expertise and growth in the industries of industry (energy, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, building and IT). Therefore, the need for industry and technology management is the main difference between the company and other competitors

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